Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maggie is a Sprollie

I figured out what our dog is.  She is a Sprollie--a Border Collie/Spaniel mix.  Whether she was intentional or an accident, we will never know.  Judging from the area she was found in, anything is possible.  It was a very poor area that is somewhat close to one of those trendy areas (Ohio City) of Cleveland.  They certainly are cute puppies.  Since she isn't trustworthy off leash, she could have run away and got lost.  The vet thinks she is only a year old or so, so they found her when she wasn't even full grown.

Since we got her in October, she has grown a beautiful coat.  It is so long and soft with pantaloons and a pom-pom looking short tail.  The vet felt her tail was natural and not docked.  She is 32 pounds--a very good size.

Other than the fact she likes to wander out to the street and look for garbage and chase deer out of the county when she sees one, she's a pretty good dog.  (We keep her on a leash.)  She listens to Thunder the Wonder Cat when he reprimands her, which is a lot. 

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Achieve1dream said...

She is so cute! I love cute little spaniel muzzles. :) I dogsitted a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel and other than him being very shy I loved him. He was such a smart dog.