Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Canter Continued

Canter Continued

After a weekend of trail riding, I was back in the arena with Cole last night. I am glad to say that I think we have solidified the canter left lead. We did a bunch of transitions, and he was getting them 90% of the time. I was varying our distance before clicking, so he was never quite sure when he would get clicked. We went our furthest ever—three quarters of the arena.

It was time to start the right lead. On the trail, he takes the left lead readily, but the right lead rarely. I have one favorite sharp right turn that I like to use for it, and there were successful times and unsuccessful times. I knew that the arena wouldn’t’ be easy.

I ended up with all the problems I had when I first started the right lead—combined with his preference for the right. I didn’t get a single successful transition. Once, he felt like he started to take it up properly with the hind leg, and then lost it. I did click him for that because that was the closest we got.

I need to get candy.

Surprisingly, there was just enough daylight to take Cruiser on a quick and fast trail ride with Starry D. That was fun.

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Achieve1dream said...

Aww poor Cole! He is cantering to the right for you even if it's the wrong lead right? Just being able to canter in the arena is huge progress. I'm sure you will get the leads soon. I wish I could be more help, but I suck at getting them to pick up the lead they don't prefer. I'm hoping Chrome won't be too bad. He's constantly doing flying lead changes out in the pasture and seems to canter on both leads equally. :)