Cruiser passed away at the age of 26-1/2.  I miss him every day, and I don't think I will ever, ever find another horse like him.

Cruiser, what can I say.  He's 26 years old, and I have had him for 24 of those years.  He is a 50/50 morab gelding.  No doubt, he is the best trail horse, ever.  He just wants to go and go and go--even now, when he shouldn't be going so much.  I have to make sure he doesn't over do it. 
Unlike complicated, Cole, Cruise is simple and straight forward.  I haven't even been able to teach him lateral movements.  He has to go in a straight line--from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible.  I could have competed him in endurance, and he would have thrived.  (He is half CMK Arabian--the ones that make the best endurance horses, so it is no surprise--it is his heritage.)

I am a very lucky person to have had him all these years.

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