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Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain

It has been a near record month for rain.  There have been plenty of days that we couldn't cross the river.  The horses have gotten so good on the hill!  Since they repaired it, we have started to work on trotting up it, again.  Sure, trotting up a hill should be no big deal, at all, but when the barn is at the top of the hill, right across the street, that is a different matter. 

I started by doing short trot stretches up the hill when I was riding by myself.  In the beginning, Cole was very excited.  In time, we increased the distance and went closer and closer to the end of the trail.  Of course, we were trotting on the flat parts away from home, too. 

Kevin was doing the same thing with Starry when he was riding him on the hill by himself.  Finally, it was time to put them together.  Cole initially thought that was great fun.  We had to do short stretches in the beginning--just like when we were alone.  As the days went by, we lengthened the distance and eventually we were able to trot all the way to the top.

And then we noticed them going slower and slower each trip up.  We had succeeded in completely demoralizing them.  They knew they were no longer trotting towards home--and that trotting up hills is  a lot of work. 

The last trip up the hill before going home--we always walk that.  The theory is that the horses will learn they aren't going home unless they walk up the hill.  It seemed to work when we used to do it with Cruiser, Ranger and Mingo, years ago.

We are so grateful that the park fixed the hill.

There are days that we can cross the river, but it is still a bit too high for Ellen to cross.  She only got to ride a few times this month, so her confidence is back to zero for crossing the river.  This has been a terrible year for her as far as trail riding.  She prefers to work in the arena instead of riding up and down the hill, so at least they are able to work on their training issues in there. 

The only bright side of all of this is Cole's shoes had no trouble lasting 8 weeks, this time.

The weather trend seems to be changing to hotter and drier--in other words--more normal for July.  Here come the bugs!!!

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All About Ranger

All About Ranger

I don't write much about Ranger, Ellen's retired horse, but that doesn't mean he isn't important!  He has had some things going on.

A couple weeks ago, he got fussy about eating.  This has happened in the past when the weather got warm and just feeding him in a different dish seems to help.  We think it is the flies.  Well, we tried that this time with some success--until one day he decided he wasn't eating anything.  It was time to call the vet.

He wasn't colicking, we could tell that without the vet, but she checked anyway.  He had a slight fever.  She was able to do a blood test that could show within just 10 minutes whether he had an infection--and it was right at the cusp.  She decided to give him a shot of antibiotics and do regular blood work.  Also, after shedding out his winter coat, he seems to be growing a new one.  She sent some blood to the lab to test for Cushings.

The next day, she called Ellen to tell her his liver numbers were very high. Something is going on.  She gave a long explanation, but exactly what the problem is, she couldn't say.  Anyway, she has had success treating this with a month of antibiotics and a low protein diet.  Turns out the grain he simply refused to eat was 40% protein.  When the barn manager gave him the grain with only 14% protein, he wolfed that down.  He was telling us.

A few days later, she came back out to check him--and what a difference.  He is back to eating and being cantankerous.  They had a much more difficult time examining him this time.  She gave Ellen a bunch of pills, and when they are gone, she will test his blood, again.

We are still waiting on the Cushings test.

Now, for his other problem.  This has been going on since for about a year--he hates when Starry leaves him.  He cries and cries.  The problem is, it is getting worse.  We found if we move Dante into Starry's stall, he is fine.

The problem is--what to do if Dante is leaving, too?

We got permission from the barn manager to use Freckles.  Well, all they do is argue.  Ranger doesn't like Freckles at all.  Poor Freckles can't wait to go back to his own stall.

Then, we tried Ari.  Ari ignored Ranger, so he still fretted about Starry, though not as bad.

The other day, Ellen went to get Ari, and he was laying down.  Our friend offered her horse, instead.  Streak is a mare.  We weren't sure how that would go--but she was the best choice.  She liked him!  We saw them nuzzling through the bars.  She was perfect!  Ranger didn't scream at her a single time.  He just admired her.  He just needed a girlfriend.

Things are looking up for Ranger.