Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Ending for MerryLegs

Happy Ending for MerryLegs

Remember the horse that was given to me about 2 years ago?  He was a drop-dead gorgeous palomino Morgan that was green broke.  After reviewing ground work with him, I tried to ride him and on the fifth ride, he went into a violent fit of bucking.  Of course, I flew off.  I tried it again--the same thing happened.  I hired a trainer--and it happened to her, too.  I ended up giving him to Windy Hills Farm.  They train and sell horses.  I was completely upfront with the situation.  He was more than I could handle.  If I could have stayed in the saddle, I could have worked it out, but I didn’t have the skills of a bronc rider.  All I could see was me getting seriously hurt.

Windy Hill told me they would keep in touch, but I knew they wouldn’t.  I was right.  I could have contacted them to see how he was doing, but honestly, I was afraid I would hear bad news.  I would rather not know than to know that he didn’t work out.

From time to time, we would see him in the background of their sales videos.  One time, they posted a picture on Facebook that showed a young lady sitting on his back.  It seemed like a good sign to me.

Still, I never contacted them.  After seeing the photo, I assumed he was being ridden.  Lately, there haven’t been any sightings of him in their videos.

One of our fellow boarders at our stables said she talked to the owner of Windy Hill, and she asked about the palomino Morgan.  He knew who she was talking about right away.  He said they had one really bad ride in the beginning, but after that, he was fine.  He turned into a very good horse, and they sold him.

A happy ending.  In my heart, I felt that if a trainer could stay in the saddle through all of his bucking, he would give up.  He was a very lazy horse without much fight.  I just couldn’t do it.  We have to know our limitations.  You can’t imagine how pleased I am that he worked out and has moved on to be a useful horse.  Thank you Windy Hill/


TeresaA said...

That is a good update. I had been wondering what happened with him.

Equine Mum said...
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Equine Mum said...

Such lovely news and good to read your latest updates. You are Haynets Blog of the Day today so pop by and see us sometime!