Thunder the Wonder Cat

Thunder is my Mini Maine Coon Cat.  I got him from a shelter--when we locked eyes on each other--it was love at first sight.  Since then, if I am at home, we are inseperable.  I feel so lucky to have found him.  I have had other cats that I have loved with all my heart, but Thunder goes beyond that.  Words can't express...

So, I spoil him.  He has whole rooms dedicated to his pleasure.  He has a tower and three pedestals, house plants, a pasture area, hanging grass, a box paradise and the dining room table is his to eat on--I get the kitchen table.  He even has his own dog to chase and attack.

We hang out together, play games and do a lot of cuddling.  He has slept with me every night since I got him, except for the night he was very sick and I slept downstairs with him.

When I am down, he is the only one who can put a smile on my face and make me laugh. 

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Harvey Button said...

He's a beauty, mum says she wants to come and kidnap him but we said no MOL!!!

Harvey, Miranda and Silver