Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Product Review - Two Horse Tack Makes Cole Sparkle

Product Review - Two Horse Tack Makes Cole Sparkle

Two Horse Tack asked me to review one of their products.  I got to choose the item.  I could use new stirrup leathers for Cole’s saddle, and the ones Ellen got from Two Horse Tack for Ranger’s saddle were great.  They were a pretty color, and she was able to get them with the holes 1/2" apart instead of 1" apart.  That makes finding the right length for your legs so much easier...

Stirrup leathers were too practical.  Besides, I couldn’t get them with bling, and I love their tack with bling. 

I threw practical out the window and opted to get Cole a new, bling-covered halter to match his bridle that I love so much.  Just like his bridle, I opted for black  Beta Biothane with dark pink rhinestones, and it looks so awesome on him!

One of the nice things about working with Two Horse Tack is that they custom make their tack right in Kentucky.  Consequently, I was able to get a narrower width halter that shows off Cole’s refined face. 

You would think that it takes a long time to get something custom made, but I received my halter in just over a week.  I didn’t get special treatment because I was reviewing the halter.  Whenever we have ordered something from them, we get awesome service.

The Biothane looks like leather, and it is only upon closer examination that you can see that it isn’t.  It is so nice that I don’t have to clean it.  I used to have a really nice leather halter for Cruiser, and I never managed to clean it.  With this one, I’ll never have to worry.  I can just hose it off if it is looking dirty.  (They do sell leather tack, too, but I would choose the Biothane over leather, any day.)

Now, if I wanted, I could have chosen from a whole slew of colors, but I opted for basic black.  There was plenty of choices in bling color, too.

I know that the halter will still look new at least a year from now, because Cole’s bridle does, and it gets a lot of use in all sorts of weather.

The website is easy to use and ordering was a snap.  I feel the prices are reasonable for the quality of the products, too.  Every month, they have a contest to win free tack, too.  Visit it here: When you enter, you get a $5.00 off coupon for your next purchase, too.

By the way, they also sell very nice dog collars.  My sister bought one for Stubby, and just as advertised, the collar doesn’t get smelly.  Besides, doesn’t he look handsome in blue?  I might get one for Maggie, but she has so much fur, that it would be hard to see.  I would have to get a bright color.

I still need new stirrup leathers…


TeresaA said...

That halter is awesome

Achieve1dream said...

I absolutely love my halter that I won from them! I want the medieval war bridle so bad. I love their products. :D Cole looks awesome in all of his bling tack! He does sparkle.