Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Night Rides

The wind died down, so I was able to ride Cole, again.  I lounged him a little, first, but he seemed quiet, so I thought 10 minutes was enough. 

My boyfriend was leading his horse around at the beginning of our ride, and although Cole did want to visit him, he behaved overall.

The first two times I asked him to trot, he did it with a buck.  When my boyfriend took his horse out of the arena, Cole did have a temper tantrum--taking off and running towards the barn door.  After that, he was rather hyper.  When we trotted, he went very fast and at first was all over the place.  He did settle down and do better.  Though I didn't do full laps around the arena, we did do small circles on the scary end at a trot.

I am only now starting to realize how sensitive he is to weight shifts.  Shifts that would put Cruise into a nice arc sends him into a tiny circle.  There is no doubt that this horse is going to make me a better rider--once he settles down, and we can really work.

Cruiser did well on his ride.  Each time, he is getting a little better.  I started to do some series of half halts with him--it makes him round up and move with more spring.  I didn't want to do this until I knew he was physically ready.  After travelling long and low all summer, it is a big change for him to move with some collection.

I have also realized that half of my body is frozen at the trot.  I might have picked this habit up over the summer with Cole--nerves may have froze me.  When I pay attention to what I am doing and move in a more symetrical manner, he vastly improves.

My boyfriend had to leave to watch the Cavs play against Lebron, so I did all the feeding and watering myself.  There are about 30 horses.  They only get hay in the evenings, so it isn't so bad--pretty easy money. I do it twice a week.

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achieve1dream said...

I think you having both Cole and Cruiser to ride is going to be a big help. Imagine how long you might have stayed "frozen" if you didn't have Cruiser to tell you "loosen up mom!". :) I'm glad Cole's temper tantrum wasn't too horrible.