Monday, December 20, 2010

I miss the trail!

I haven't been on a trail ride since Thanksgiving weekend, and I really miss it this year.  The river is already frozen, and the footing it bad.  My old horse, Cruiser, doesn't go out in bad footing. My young horse, Cole, is simply too hyper going up and down the hill to the river.  I have done some leading with him, and once he gets bored, he starts to act up.

I do have the indoor arena, but it hasn't been satisfying this year.  Cruise  has been acting like one of the directions is uncomfortable.  He has started spooking, too.

Cole has been pretty good if I can ride him alone, but I don't feel comfortable riding him with other horses.  Yesterday, when it was time to ride him, there were 3 other horses in the arena, so I just led him to get him accustomed to all the activity.  He was very excited, at first, but he started to behave decent, so it was a good lesson--still, by the time I had the arena to myself, it was nearly time for them to get their afternoon feeding, so I quit.  Totally unsatisfying for a person who loves to ride.

Some good news--Cole is going to move to a better stall.  It is a corner stall with 2 windows to the outside.  currently, he doesn't have any window--just open bars to the stalls next to him.  It is also quite big, so he can do all of his stall exercises with more room.  It is next to Cruiser, and I have permission to install bars between their stalls so they can interact.  I will move him in the next few days.  There isn't a big hurry, since it is too cold to have the windows open right now.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay for Cole's new digs! :)

Sorry you didn't get to ride. That can be so frustrating sharing an arena with other people. I just miss being on a horse anywhere. I think the last time I even sat on a horse was over a year ago now. :( That makes me very sad. I need to start getting back into shape before it's time to crawl up onto Chrome's back. :)