Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Cute Cat Story

Sometimes my new dog, Maggie, can really get annoying.  One day this weekend, I came home from the barn and greeted her, of course.  I then went to greet Thunder, the wonder cat.  Anyway, Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, wanted to continue to greet me.  She started jumping all over me and knawing my hands.  She just wouldn't stop.  I kept telling her "down" which is the only command she knows, but she just kept getting worse.  Thunder got mad at her.  This has happened before. Whenever she misbehaves for me, Thunder shows up to discipline her. 

All he did was glare at her, and she layed right down.  I started to praise her, but Thunder didn't agree that she was good enough.  I think he wanted her to leave the room, so he smacked her in the head!

Last night, before her walk, she wouldn't let me hook up the leash because she was so excited.  She had been doing so much better with this, that it surprised me that she relapsed.  I was sitting on the stairs, trying to hook her up.  Finally, she stopped jumping around.  I hooked her up, looked behind me, and there was Thunder, glaring at her.

Is this really the cat that was so afraid of her in the beginning?

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achieve1dream said...

Oh wow! Thunder should be a dog trainer lol! Sorry Maggie had a relapse. It happens. She will figure it out. She's young too (if I remember right) so she still has that naughty puppy energy. :)