Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cole Training

It was still a good night with Cole.  Hewas wild during lounging.  He started out great, and I was nearly ready to quit, when he grabbed my sleeve, and I smacked him.  Well, then he went into a rebellion.  I think it was about a power struggle.  There is a little stallion left in him,  I held firm and stayed patient during his bucking and rearing and bolting, and eventually he stopped and started to listen, again.  

When I rode, he spooked once when Starry squealed.  After that, we did lots of trotting, transistions and a series or perfect figure eights.  I never tried them before with him, and I was astounded.  They were small, so that makes them easier.  He did even circles and effortless changes in the center with only a weight shift.  I was stunned.  He seemed to like doing them.  I have never, never ridden such easy 8s on any horse.  It must be beginner’s luck.  I’m sure he will start to challenge the concept, soon.

At one point, he trialed a Passage!  I clicked him for it, but he didn't repeat it.  It felt beautiful.  I didn't have him collected--we aren't even on the bit, yet.  I'm not sure what induced him to do it, but for a moment, I was riding a Lippizan.

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achieve1dream said...

Cool! I wish you'd caught that on film lol. It would be so cool to clicker train a passage. :)