Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Rides

Tolerable temperatures and no major snowstorms for the immediate future.  What a relief. 

My rides last night went fine.  Cole was a little fractious, at times, but I could see some progress being made.  We did a lot of walking and a fair amount of trotting.  He behaves better counter clockwise than clockwise.  We were working on out clockwise bending at a walk.  We walked on the scary end--no trotting there--to hyper.  I think I will concentrate on that tomorrow.

Cruiser was pretty hyper, too.  I started out with a lot of transistions, and that always gets him excited.  It also got him paying attention to me.  He became more responsive and I ended up riding him nearly an hour. 

I have a 4-day weekend, but I will be stuck in the arena.  It will give me an opportunity to really focus on the arena riding.  I really wish I could go down the trail.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds like Cruiser was being so good! I'm glad you had good rides. Hang in there. Winter won't last forever. It just feels like it lol.