Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday Night Rides

Cole was a handful, last night, when I lounged him. He kept spooking, and when he couldn't run away, he would rear straight up in the air.  One time, when he landed and looked at me, I just yelled, "Mingo!" and then I realized my mistake. Whenever Cole frustrates me, I call him Mingo.  I lounged him for 25 minutes--much longer than I normally do--just to make sure he was safe to ride.  I think it was the wind blowing at the doors and walls.  In the end, it was a good lounging session.  We worked on trot extensions for the first time.  He caught on beautifully.  I don't lounge him with a whip.  I was merely raising my arm, clucking to him, and he would extend out.  He never changed his rhythm, either. It was awesome.  I rode about 15 minutes--mostly at a walk since he had had such a vigourous workout.  We practiced walk/whoa transitions.  He only spooked once, and I got him under control very easily.

Cruiser did well after a lackluster performance on Monday.  I was relieved.  I was starting to worry he was having physical issues.  I think it was just too warm on Monday (50s.)  The cold weather, last night, brought him to life, too.  He did far less of his Saddlebred imitation and acted more like the Morab that he is.  We got some great bends and transitions.  His carriage in improving, too.  I always find that after a summer of trail riding, he has trouble getting into his pretty, round way of going.  It takes about a month of work for him to get those muscles working, again.  Well, it's happening.  We take a lot of breaks, though.  I don't want him to do too much, too soon.  He can move quite gorgeously.  By the time we are really excelling, it is spring and I head out for the trail for long and low riding.

We'll see how they do on Friday.

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achieve1dream said...

Awwww . . . Mingo. :(

I'm glad the session with Cole turned out good in the end. Way to go for sticking with it.

Maybe with Cruiser you could ride in the arena once a week during the summer to work on his carriage so he doesn't lose it all . . . or you could practice on the trail. I would be reluctant to ride in the arena when it's pretty out too. :) Glad he's doing better. I've noticed that when it's been cold and then we get a day in the fifties or sixties Chrome acts out of it too. They are just better suited to the cold. :)