Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Rides

I didn’t get as much riding as I would have liked this weekend. Friday evening, I got to the barn a bit earlier than normal, and took Cruiser on an hour ride. He was still wound up as could be. We did intermittent trotting. As soon as he got too extended (which happened a lot), I made him walk. Extended trots are bad for bad tendons. In the old days, I would just let him trot it out, but now, I try to control his speed. Fast trotting is fine—no more mega-trot.

I had enough daylight to take Cole on a short ride. This was our second ride across the river, and only the second evening ride, ever. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he kept trying to rush on the way home, but I was disappointed. I ended up leading and circling and stopping and standing. It took a long time to get home.

Saturday, my sister and I took Cruise and Ranger on a short ride together—all at a walk, and they were great. We didn’t try trotting because we hated to break the spell. Next weekend. We were short on time because our very best friend was bringing her daughter out to visit and ride Ranger, so I rode Cole for a bit in the arena and then rode him down to the river. Unlike the day before, he was great both away from home and on the way back. What a relief.

Sunday, I had to go somewhere with my dad, so I didn’t get to ride with Ellen. She had to work, anyway. I took Cruiser on a short trail ride and we trotted a lot. He was much, much better. He only got hard to manage a few times.

I didn’t have the time for Cole because I got out so late, so I turned him out to play and took him on a walk to the river and back. Once again, he was fine. I don’t know what happened to him Friday evening, but I hope it doesn’t happen, again.

Rain today, so I don’t expect much in the way of trail riding. I’ll be in the arena.

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achieve1dream said...

Don't be disappointed. He's a baby. They have those kind of days lol. I do know that's incredibly frustrating though. Glad he was fine the other days. :)

Yuck on the rain. We've been getting rain again too and it's so cold! This back and forth is getting annoying. I wish spring would just get here and stick around.