Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smokin' Cole Train Turns Five

Yes, today is my little horse's birthday.  We are going to celebrate by going for a ride--in the arena, I'm sure.  I saw the radar, and there is more rain on it's way.  I doubt if I could cross the river, anyway.  Hopefully I can get a quick ride on Cruiser on the hill going to the river before the rain hits.

Will it ever end?  I'm sure I will be complaining about not getting enough rain in August as my garden withers away.

Hard to believe I have only crossed the river with Cole once this month.  That's even with 2 long weekends.  I have crossed more with Cruiser because I will cross him when it is higher, and sometimes there isn't enough time to take both on trail after work.

May has got to be better...


achieve1dream said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!

I sure hope May is better in the weather department. Heck in every department lol. I'm tired of the rain. At least hay people can't say drought is the reason for lack of hay or high prices. :)

Trust me if I had the money I would be on my way up there to ride Cole in a heartbeat. :) I haven't ridden in so long because my friends are over seventy miles away and gas is so expensive that I never see them anymore. There aren't a lot of horse people in my new town (city gag) so there was nothing local to ride. I've finally made a new friend who has horses, but the weather keeps causing issues lol. I'll be back in the saddle soon though. :D I went two years without a horse before I got Chrome so I guess it didn't hurt me to go two years without riding. In a year I'll be able to ride Chrome and I'll be soooooo happy (and very appreciative lol)!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cole! He's almost the same age as Pie - Pie turns 5 on Friday.