Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Wednesday

I made it across the river with Cruiser! We went by ourselves and trotted wherever the trail warranted. He behaved and finally seems to have gotten over the worst of his springtime hyperness. Okay, he did insist on gaiting most of the way home, but he was doing that a lot last summer. He does a stepping pace that is much faster than a walk, but slower than his trot. It sure felt great just to go out and trot. it was our most vigorous ride of the year, though it was no more than an hour. It just felt great.

I rode Cole in the indoor arena, and though we had a few little snafus, overall I was very pleased. I was having trouble coordinating the leg yield in my hard direction, but I was getting it right last night. We practiced walk/trot trans with the clicker, and then when I stayed at the trot, it was fantastic. I guess that is the way to warm him up for it. We did lots of circles, of course and even worked on the scary end. It is no longer scary. My new problem is when I ride the long wall back towards the gate. Though he never got out of control, we had trouble with the turn. That will just take practice.

I have a long weekend coming up, and I am hoping to get him on trail 3 days in a row. At that point, if I feel confident with taking him out on my own, I may start riding him on the trail in the evening, too. I should have enough time to do it next week. Then, it will be goodbye arena for a while.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay so exciting. Glad things are working out in the arena and that you're about ready for the trail. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have pretty weather this weekend.