Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Rain

The rain just won’t quit! I got out to the barn yesterday evening for my rides, and was relegated to the arena, again. I started out with Cole. It was great—I was the only person riding the whole time. My riding space was limited because the roof was leaking so bad there were numerous slick spots. He remained calm with the rain thundering on the metal roof.  I don't think I have ever ridden in there when it was so loud.  After 45 minutes, the rain eased up, and I took him outside and rode on the driveway. It was a mess—good day to work on puddles.

Then, a miracle happened. The rain stopped altogether. I still had a little daylight left, so I threw Cole in his stall and saddled up Cruiser. We rode down to the river. It was high and rising. We did 2 quick trips until it started looking dark. We finished our ride on the driveway, too.

I was talking to a boarder at the stables next door, and she said she talked to someone who knew me that was looking for a horse to lease. It turned out to be the woman who I leased a horse from 24 years ago. She got me started. Her horse must have died. (Not the same one—that mare died only a few months after I stopped leasing.) We keep popping in and out of each other’s lives. There is a horse at our barn that she may be interested in, so I will be getting in touch with her. It’s been a while, so we will have a lot of catching up to do.

Oh, and more rain is on its way. This is our rainiest April on record, and it’s not over, yet.


achieve1dream said...

I'm sick of the rain. And lightning and tornadoes and straight line winds and flooding. Just sick of weather altogether right now. I hope it clears up soon. :)

Emme said...

Living fairly close to you I know how you feel abut the constant rain. Will it ever quit? Even the dogwwod trees look shabby, and I always love them in the spring.