Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain, rain, go away.

I’m tired of high rivers. I rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday—up and down the hill to the river. We probably could have crossed with Cruiser and Ranger, yesterday, but my sister was a little nervous about doing it, and I certainly won’t push the issue. We did do some trotting at the bottom of the hill a number of times to get the guys used to trotting together, again. the problem isn’t her horse, it is Cruiser. He likes to race Ranger. Since it was so hot, we got them to settle down with the trotting. Hopefully they will remember next weekend when we ride together, hopefully, on the main trail.

Cole stayed in the arena with one trip down the hill on Saturday and Sunday. The hill has always been our stumbling block, and I am glad to say that yesterday he was nearly perfect. Our problem—he wants to trot. Downhill, I think it is a momentum issue. Uphill, I think it is an “I want to get home issue.” I have been clicking him for lowering his head and walking—just like I have trained him in the arena. It is so cute when he so purposely points his nose downward and waits for that click. Saturday, he was dancing on the street, so when we got back to the barn, I led him around the property and didn’t go right back to the stall. I decided to make that the routine for a while. Sunday, he was fine on the street and only took one trot step on the drive.

He did pretty good on his arena rides. He is doing quite well leg yielding on his good direction. I am having trouble coordinating the difficult direction. My body just won’t listen to me, and he is getting confused. It is very frustrating for me. We will work on it more, tonight.

It rained more, so I think I will just be riding Cruiser on the hill, again. Well, at least we are on the trail, sort of.

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achieve1dream said...

At least it's warm and you're getting some sun. :D It sounds like the adjustment back to trail riding is going well. I can't wait until you can take them across the river. I'm eager to read about how well Cole does. :)