Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Brave Move

I had a lovely ride with Cruiser in the park. We went a little further which meant another river crossing. This one, the water is very still, and it was surprisingly deep. We had trouble seeing the rocks on the bottom, and he stumbled once. I think I may start crossing on the concrete ford until the water level drops a little more. I would like to plot a course across to avoid the big rocks.

He was very excited. We did a lot of trotting on the way out, and he gaited most of the way home. He has a lot of energy for a horse that is nearly 24. We were out for an hour.

I started out riding Cole in the indoor arena. My young friend asked me if I would ride on the driveway with her. Her horse needs more confidence. I actually led Cole, and he only acted up once. When she left, he didn’t care, and we did it again. Since he seemed to be in a good frame of mind, I decided to get brave. For the first time ever, I attempted the large outdoor arena. It is at least 3 times the size of the indoor and there are lots of distractions. Add to that the fact that he is used to running and playing in it, I was hesitant to try it before.

I led him in circles by the gate. He was paying attention, so I mounted and rode circles. He seemed a little distracted, but we managed it. Finally, I took a deep breath and asked for a trot. After a couple steps, he took off running—throwing a little buck in. Since I was close to the gate, he didn’t get very fast. I put him into a very tight circle. He doesn’t like that, so he stopped.

I don’t know where all this bravery is coming, but even though I was still shaking, I asked him to trot, again. I clicked him for the transition, so then he stopped for his treat. I asked him again, and after 5-6 steps, I said “whoa” and he instantly stopped and I clicked him.

I may have done more, but someone brought a horse out at the stables next door, and that got all his attention. Since we had already been working an hour, I quit for the day on a good note.

It is so nice to have my old, bold self come back after a winter of insecurity. Maybe it is riding Cruiser out on the trails when he is fit to burst from excitement that is making me my old brave self. Anyway, I felt good.

Tomorrow is spring shots round one. I’m taking the day off work and we will do some riding first. The weather is even supposed to be tolerable. It should be a fine day at the barn.


achieve1dream said...

Yikes! That had my heart racing just reading it! I'm glad everything was okay and that your confidence is coming back. :)

achieve1dream said...

LOL! I didn't hide in the closet because it didn't get as bad as they were predicting last night. I usually go into the basement, but we have so much stuff under there the debris flying around could kill a person, so my second choices are either the closet (because it's centrally located and small) or in the hallway with the futon mattress pulled on top of me (if I have help to move it, it keeps debris from causing injuries). We have to take tornado threats seriously here. Unfortunately this year it's been trees falling on houses killing people. :(