Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I write a lot about Cole, since he is my project horse, but Cruiser is the love of my life. I have had him for 21 years, and we are terrific partners.  I know him inside and out, and I think he knows me, just as well.  I hope someday, it will be like that with Cole.

My sister sent me this picture of us, today.  I think she must have taken it last fall. 

Cruise is a Morab like Cole, but he is a 50/50 cross where Cole is 75/25.  Cruiser acts and moves like a 100% Arabian.  He has boundless energy--even though he is nearly 24.  Last night, I took him on trail, and he was wild!  It is funny how Cole can scare me when he gets a little wild, and I am thrilled when Cruiser is as hyper as can be.  He wanted to run, but I told him we had to wait for that.  He was squealing and dancing.  When he trotted, he went fast, and when he walked, he gaited.  Yes, Cruiser is gaited. He does a stepping pace, and it gets faster each year. 

I rode Cole in the arena, and we improved our leg yielding, worked on bending and practiced transitions.  I was able to influence his trot tempo by changing my tempo, and I was surprised how easy it was.  When he rushed, I slowed and steadied him down--and then he would go into the pretty trot!


achieve1dream said...

Too cool! My trainer was trying to teach me about influencing my horse's gait with my posting when I stopped taking lessons. It's hard not to let them push you along. :)

I think the reason it doesn't scare you when Cruiser is wild is because you know him and you know exactly what he will and will not do. Cole is new so you have no idea what's he's capable of. You'll have that kind of relationship with him too someday. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the challenge of the unknown/newer horse versus the predictability of the long time relationship but sometimes it's fun not to have to think that hard and go instead with what you know.