Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today is my 25th anniversary at my job. I was surprised that everyone was making such a big deal about it. It actually means a lot to me, but I didn’t think anyone else really cared. There was a balloon with a brownie on my desk from my office mate and friend Therese, the company brought me a bunch of fancy cupcakes and another coworker, Rita, brought me flowers.

I confess, I feel very happy and content at my job for the first time in a long time. I had so many people say such kind words to me.  People really do care, and sometimes I forget that.  Or maybe I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy becasue I just have a sugar high from the 2 cupcakes I ate?

They are going to set a date to take me out to lunch.

By the way, I am an estimator at a large commercial printer. It is both a tough job because you need to know so much—and a very easy one most of the time—when you have been doing it as long as me. I enjoy it because I love numbers.

I don't expect to be hear another 25 years--I plan to retire in 14.  That's not as long as it sounds because the first 25 went so fast.

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achieve1dream said...

Cool! Happy 25th anniversary! It is nice when people show that they care. I forget that as well. The people around me in my daily life seem so self absorbed, then again I guess I can be that way too but I do make a genuine effort to really listen to people, so maybe I don't give that impression. Not sure.

I wonder where they're taking you to dinner. I hope it's good and you have fun. :)