Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy weekend on the way

I haven’t blogged much about my rides—doesn’t mean I’m not riding. I am figuring things out, and when I have them firm in my mind, I will let you know.

I don’t know what this weekend holds, other than rain. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get Cruise out a little on the trail. My sister brought her horse down to the river, yesterday, and she said there were some icy spots, and the crossing is out of the question. There is a tree over the riverbank that we can’t get around. Of course, there is so much rain predicted this weekend, it may be enough to wash it away. We shall see. It depends on the weather.

For Cole’s first trip, I will lead him. The hill to the river is always where he has been the most excited and least predictable. Maybe months of schooling in the arena will help him out. It is amazing that I managed him on trail last fall considering how very, very green he was. He’s not quite so green anymore.

Next week may be my last one stuck in the arena. The time change changes everything. Plus, that’s when the weather becomes more consistent. I am so tired of the arena. We are learning a lot, but the trail calls. I might still ride Cole for a little while in there until there is enough time to take both out. As long as there is no frozen, icy or snowy trail, Cruiser will be out on the trail even if we can’t cross the river.

My boyfriend has a family event, and if it starts too early, I am just going to stay home. I have so much to do, and I hate rushing home from the barn and rushing back out. My sister and I like to go out to lunch or go hiking on days we don’t ride too much. I like to be leisurely on the dog walk, and I must have time to hang out with Thunder. Then there is the laundry, cleaning, finishing my taxes and taking a nap. I would love some time to read, too. Seems I never get much time to read…

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achieve1dream said...

Oh yay! I forgot about the time change. I'm so excited now. :D

I know how you feel being too busy to do all of the things you really want to do. Every day I have off I have plans to do all of these things and something always comes up. We do the best we can though. :)

I'm excited you get to be back on the trails soon. Be careful out there.