Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow again--had to ride in the arena.

My trail ride with Cruiser last night was derailed by snow. He has shoes, so we had to stay inside. Once again, he was very spooky. He spooked more in 10 minutes in the arena than the last 2 weeks on trail.

A nice young lady at the barn, who has fallen in love with Cole, brought her video camera out. She taped 6 minutes of us. It was during our warm up, so it wasn’t an ideal time, but I knew she wanted to ride and didn’t want to make her wait. He did get a little silly a few times, but we worked through it. I got to see it on the camera, and I just can’t get over how pretty he trots. She is going to give it to me on a DVD. It was so sweet of her.

He did have a couple big spooks last night. One of them, I swore I heard a horse trotting outside where there shouldn’t of been one. I yelled out to Mingo, by dear departed horse, to stop teasing Cole. He didn’t spook after that.

My assistant was a no show—he was watching the Cavs game, of course. I had to feed alone. We are down to 36 horses. That’s a lot of watering.

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achieve1dream said...

36! Wow that's a lot. We had twenty something at the stable where I fed. That was a lot lol. You're tough.

I'm excited the girl took video of you and Cole. I can't wait to see it. :) That's funny that he stopped spooking when you scolded Mingo. He must have been listening lol. :D