Friday, March 18, 2011

It was farrier night, last night. All went well. Cruise got a reset and Cole and Ranger were trimmed. It was such a warm and spring like night, I wish I could have ridden, instead. My retired boyfriend rode in the morning and got to cross the river for the first time this year. Lucky guy. We may be able to cross this weekend if it isn’t raining.

Thunder has continued his crusade to take over the house completely. He spent the whole evening while I was gone sleeping on my Dad’s bed with the dog. Someday, maybe they will cuddle. Pollie, our old dog, thought cats were gross and didn’t like physical contact with Thunder. If he sniffed her nose or brushed up against her face, Pollie looked like she would throw up. Maggie seems to like the attention—as long as Thunder doesn’t pull out the claws!

My dad survived the first day of chain sawing. He gets me so nervous. The neighbor’s tree fell on our property, and they are working on cleaning it up. Dad is 80, and I am always worried he is doing too much. Between the sawing—which fortunately, the neighbor did the most of—and the hauling the wood away, Dad wasn’t even sore this morning.

No real plans this weekend except riding. With the improving weather, my boy friend and I will probably start our hiking program up, again. I am also increasing the length of the dog walks when I have the time. Spring is a pretty active time for us.

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achieve1dream said...

Glad everything went well with the farrier. :) I'm excited about spring too. I get a lot more active in warm, sunny weather. Growing up I had a German Shepherd that would let the cats curl up on his flank to stay warm in the winter. :D I bet Maggie and Thunder will be good friends in no time.