Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cat/Dog Clicker Training

I have been putting the dog outside when I want to clicker train Thunder, and he is starting to remember the things I taught him in the past. He really likes hopping to the top of his scratching post. He looks like he is sitting on a fence post. He will sit up on it for me. He will then hop to his pedestal. He likes this game so much that he is reluctant to try anything else. I suppose I should start with something else to start with and then do the scratching post at the end. I will need to experiment.
Last night, I started clicker training the dog, and Thunder wanted to join us, so we did a joint session. It isn’t easy. I have to give the dog a treat for each click the cat gets. She is being rewarded for laying still and leaving us alone. She has to have a lot of patience because it takes Thunder a lot longer to eat his treat. I don’t give Thunder a treat when the dog gets clicked, and I think that causes him some confusion.
The dog is learning to stand up on command. It started with target touching, but she decided to stand when I held the target up, instead. She has terrific balance and can hold it for a couple of seconds. The cat just stares at her with a look of disbelief.

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achieve1dream said...

Lol too funny. I would love to see a cat and dog working together. :) My animals I think are finally figuring out that the click only means something if I'm working with them. Now that I'm clicker training four different animals it can get confusing lol. I'm glad they know what I'm doing because I sure don't haha!