Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riding Night

I rode Cruiser in the park with my boyfriend on his horse—that means I didn’t get to trot as much as I wanted to. Right now, both horses just want to race, and we don’t need that. We tried it a few times, but didn’t get too far. Starry decided he had to canter to keep up with Cruiser, so we just walked. Other than that, they were fine. It was very cold out, and we both dismounted after we crossed the river and led them the rest of the way home. I was still cold when I got back, so I cleaned 2 stalls before riding Cole.

Cole was a bit goofy at the beginning of the ride, and then once he settled down, another person started to ride with us. Consequently, we didn’t do a whole lot of challenging work. Good news—the teen I rode with, a very nice young lady—told me she will video Cole for me and put it on a DVD. She loves the way he trots and I think she is purposely riding when I do so she could watch. I hope they follow through with it. I know he is doing better than the video my sister took last month because she said he is. I’m also able to ride it better. I really have to engage by upper thighs and concentrate on following the movement so I don’t get left behind. Just recently, I have been able to coordinate it with bearing down with my abdominal muscles—which made a huge difference with Cruiser, so I think that it is helping Cole, too. It just gives me more stability in the saddle.

I think next week, I will have enough time to take both of them on the trail—then I can leave the arena behind for a while…

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achieve1dream said...

Yay for trails! :) Sounds like so much fun minus the cold. I hope she follows through on the video too because I would love to see it.