Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Update

We finally got some warm weather, but we still have too much snow and lots of ice. My driveway only seem to be getting worse—it is so slick. Well, we still have a more warm weather scheduled for this week. Maybe we will be able to get rid of this stuff.

My rides were only mediocre this weekend. The problem was the wind—and there was a lot of it. Our indoor arena is old and creaky with doors that flap about and bang in the wind. I think I was more nervous than the horses, but not knowing when a big bang would send them flying can make a person uneasy.

Yesterday, I got brave enough to trot Cruiser when my sister could watch him. She assures me he isn’t lame, though he seems a little stiff. That would probably be from his arthritis. It is rough getting old, as my achy body tells me most every morning. I was so afraid that she would say that he still looks lame. He seemed fine to me, but I have been posting most of the time, so it isn’t as easy to tell if he is sound as sitting. I worry a lot about the old guy. I know 23 isn’t that old, but he is a high mileage horse.

Cole and I didn’t accomplish much except wind desensitization. With the weather improving and the snow and ice melting, it is hard to concentrate on working in the arena. I just want to get him on the trail. This happens every year about this time. I completely lose my focus. I have to respect people who will school their horses year round in the arena. I always have good intentions, but once spring shows up, my good intentions go out the window.

I’ll be riding tonight. I hope the wind is quiet. I think my boyfriend might be there so we can spend Valentine’s Day together. He got me a big box of Malleys Chocollates. I love Malleys.

Speaking of food, we went to a Sweet 16 party on Saturday. It was a huge affair. The family rented a hall and they decorated and made all the food themselves—and they can cook. I have been to their parties before, so I expected terrific food, but the spread far exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, they had a DJ, and after dinner, the music was so loud that we ended up leaving early. It ruined an otherwise amazing party.

Last night, I just curled up with my boyfriend and watched the Grammys.


achieve1dream said...

Ugh, too bad about the wind. On my Appy growing up windy days were fun because she was as bombproof as a horse gets and so lazy. On windy days she was a little more spunky and fun. :) However that's when I was a kid. Now I'll take a calm, lazy horse hehe.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your chocolates. I'm green with envy hehe.

Oh and I'm glad Cruiser is doing so well. It is hard having them get old and realizing they can't do all of the things they used to. Give him a big hug for me.

Judi said...

My old horse, Mingo was like your Appy. I liked the windy days with him, too, for the same reason!

I think Cole will eventually be pretty lazy, but he is young. He is much quieter than Cruiser was at his age.