Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My weekend rides were uneventful—the way I like them. I rode with my sister, and that’s the best part. We are still working in the arena, and by getting out a little earlier, we are getting our rides in before most people get there. It really helps.

Last night’s ride on Cole was eventful—in the way I don’t like it. I was on his back, at a standstill, talking to someone, and he spooked, knocked me off balance and took off. Eventually, I fell off and landed on my bad knee. It is pretty bruised and sore, but I am always grateful when I can stand up and walk after a fall. He ran and bucked a few laps, and then ran back to me. I continued the ride, and he was much better than before. It may have been a shavings avalanche that spooked him. I didn’t hear anything else. That happened once before, and it simply terrified him. We were right by the pile. It was my fault for letting my guard down. (Cruiser gets terrified by shavings avalanches, too)

Anyway, my ride with Cruiser was good. I had him trotting for about 5 minutes, and he did start to settle down a little bit. It usually takes about 10 minutes to really calm him if he hasn’t been worked much, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I am slowly bringing him back into work. We rode about 35 minutes. He seemed much more confident walking in the direction where his bad eye is on the outside. I even trotted him once that way, but he got very nervous.

Cruiser needs the trail as much as it do. There is a warming trend towards the weekend. I am hoping it will turn into a thaw and get rid of all this ice and snow. We need to get out!!!


achieve1dream said...

Yikes! I'm glad you weren't hurt, but it was a good reminder to always be aware of what's happening around a young horse. I have a feeling I'm going to have this problem too. I'm bad about talking while sitting on my horse and forgetting about them. We just have to remind ourselves every day that they are babies and when we are riding we are training! We can enjoying sitting around talking when they are seasoned adults hehehe. Really though, I'm glad you're okay.

achieve1dream said...

That's awesome how well Cole did for the farrier! I know it won't take much to improve Chrome because he's good about it anyway. He just gets impatient and tries to back up and I know that's the beginnings of teaching him bad habits.

The part I really liked in the book is that when she's working on the hind feet she teaches them to rest it before she picks it up. You know how they cock a leg while resting with the bottom of the hoof facing up? She clicks for that and always makes them do that before she picks it up. The reason she does it is because that teaches them to balance on the other three legs and completely relax the resting one (less likely to kick). She has back problems too so she can pick the hooves out with them resting on the ground. I really like the idea and I'm going to try to teach it to Chrome. I'm also going to teach him to rest them on something because he isn't fond of the hoof stand. I'll let you know how it goes and try to get some video, but it might be a bit. We have six inches of snow already today and we aren't used to it down South, so everything is closed. Yay snow day! :)

achieve1dream said...

LOL Yep I think it's kind of stupid that four inches shuts down the whole town. My boss did open the store and was open for about five hours but there were no customers and the owners didn't want to pay us to just sit around so they closed it. It kind of sucks because I really need the money, but what can I do? I just try not to think about it so I can enjoy the snow without worrying where I'll get the money I'm losing. I'm just trying to keep it positive on the blog because someone was complaining that I was too negative. :) I just took about three hundred pictures so be on the look out. :D