Monday, February 28, 2011


I’m getting crabby and depressed. It is the winter. I am arena sour, and need to get on the trail. I’m tired of sharing the ring with the other boarders, tired of riding and having people constantly opening and closing the doors, making sudden noises and tyring to talk to me. I’m tired of the wind flapping the doors and ice making strange noises. I’m tired of circles.

I’m as grumpy now as I usually am around Christmas. Bah humbug to winter and arena riding.

That being said, Cruiser is amazingly sound, and that makes me very happy. Please, Cruise, one more good summer…Cole is trotting lovely and consistent. Best of all, he isn’t spooking much anymore.

But we are bored and want to ride outside. Right now, the driveway is a sheet of ice from people driving on the snow we got last week. Even if we could get to the trail, we couldn’t go far. The river is flooding over the banks from the snow melting and 2 inches of rain last night.

I don’t know if the weather will be warm enough this week to melt the mess and allow us down trail this weekend. I really don’t think so.

So I am grumpy.

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achieve1dream said...

I feel for you. You need to move down south. It's been in the fifties and sixties for several weeks now. Wow, I'm probably not helping at all. Sorry! I'm sure spring will reach you soon. You'll be on the trail in no time. I'm so happy that Cruiser is sound. :D