Friday, February 11, 2011

If I'd of known we were going to have a cat party, I would have brought the tunafish

I had no major plans for yesterday evening, or so I thought. If Thunder could talk, he would have told me he decided to have a cat party. I didn’t realize it until we were an hour into it, and he was still playing. We were going from one game to the next. The poor dog got stalked, pounced and ambushed. We played a lot of throw, some feather, da bird, catnip toy, a lot of chase, play in boxes and of course, follow.

I somehow got to read the newspaper, but that’s about all I could do until 10:00. He was finally tired and wanted to go to bed. I don’t go to bed until around 11:00, but when I did, he had his snack and then he was out like a light.

I love our cat parties, but if I would have known, we would have had something with tuna fish for supper to get things started.

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achieve1dream said...

LOL! Sounds like Thunder had a blast. :D