Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday Night Rides

Round one of the dread snowstorm was no big deal for an experienced Cleveland driver with a rear wheel drive sports car. We got 4 inches overnight, and it was over by this morning. The roads were bad, but the traffic was tolerable. I left 15 minutes early for work, and got here 5 minutes earlier than a normal day.

Round 2 will be worse, but I hope to be home by then. That is when we are supposed to get the freezing rain.

I think my quiet evenings at the barn are over. We just got a boarder with 3 horses and 3 matching teenagers that ride them. it was chaos when I got to the barn last night. I had to kill time to ride when it was quieter. I rode Cruiser, first with a couple other riders. He was wired and difficult to ride. We managed a mostly walk with a couple minutes of trotting half hour ride.

I was alone for most of Cole’s time. I lounged him, first, and it was a good thing. He had one of his wild nights. He settled after 20 minutes, and then I rode for 25. He was fine for the riding part. My project for the evening was to get him to stop for the word “whoa” with no other cue. He was doing it, and I was clicking a lot. I think it is a very important lesson. We also did some quiet trotting and he picked up my mitten twice.


achieve1dream said...

Uh oh. That's sucks about the boarder. I shouldn't lump them all together, but in general I'm not too fond of kids. I hope they don't cause too much trouble. I'm so happy I don't have to board my horse.

Yay for Cole on stopping for a voice cue! I'm hoping Chrome will eventually pick up on vocal cues. He's more in tune to body language (not a surprise, he's a horse lol). We shall see. :)

Judi said...

Oh, I'm sure Chrome will pick up on the voice commands quite quickly. Once Cole learns a body language cue, I say the word either before or during, and he knows it in no time at all.