Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Hurry Up

I am so anxious for spring—you can’t imagine. All the arena riding is making me stir crazy. I am a trail rider, and I can literally go from not riding in the arena with Cruiser from Daylight Savings to Daylight Savings. There are times when I can’t ride both horses on the trail in the evenings, and those days, I will work Cole in the arena. Cruiser will be out, even if it is riding up and down the hill to the river, over and over in the rain. It is where we belong.

And then there is my garden. I ordered all my seeds, and I have big dreams for the 2011 garden. I am going back to planting a lot of green beans. I cut back last year because I got sick of them, and now I find myself buying frozen vegetables at the store to add to my crock pot casseroles. There is something wrong with that. I got Yellow Bush and Yard long Pole beans. I will try more Lima beans. I will not do any cabbage or broccoli. That was a waste last year. The rabbits came under the electric wire and kept eating the plants. I will be planting more eggplants than last year. My sister wants me to grow some for her, so of course I will. I am also hoping to have a better year for peppers and tomatoes. Last year was a disaster. My favorite crop—zucchini. I love zucchini.

Then there is the dog walks—I hate walking in the frozen over snow paths. It is slow and awkward. It is bad enough I have to walk a dog I don’t’ like that I can’t let off the leash because she likes to chase deer to the county line and play on people’s tree lawns looking for garbage, but at least I should have good footing. Plus, it is too cold to read while I walk her. If I cold read, I would go further, she would get more exercise and be less annoying. I could use more exercise, too.

Winter also messes up my dating life. My boyfriend and I love to go hiking, and we go all over the place. We have seen all the good movies, and there aren’t many appealing movies coming out anytime soon. We are running out of things to do.

Springtime, where are you!


achieve1dream said...

LOL You poor thing! I think you deal with winter worse than I do lol. Don't worry spring will get here soon. :)

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, this Ozark farm chick hears ya loud and clear!!! I found myself out in the snow packed pastures clickin' my manure stompin' barn boots together sayin, "there's no place like Spring, there's no place like Spring." Unlike Dorthy though I was still knee deep in snow! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya from the icy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!