Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday Rides

It was really chilly last night at the barn. I decided it would a good day to lounge Cole first to check his mood. Well, he had trouble containing himself. He was bucking and rearing. I knew he needed to run.

We aren’t supposed to turnout in the arena, but I figured I would for just a few minutes and make sure he didn’t get into anything he shouldn’t. I let him go and scurried out of the way. He rolled then ran 2 full laps at top speed, stopped by the door and started eating hay scraps.

I caught him and tried lounging, again. He was back to his old self. I rode him with no troubles. My boyfriend was there to watch. He told me it was because he thought I would be nervous to ride him after the fall the previous ride. I think the real reason was because he was nervous and wanted to make sure I was safe. Either way, it was sweet of him. I wasn’t nervous because Cole got that good run in first.

Cruiser did the best he has since I started riding him, again. I am trotting only 5 minutes of each ride, but it is enough for him to just start to settle down. At the end of our trotting, I asked him to trot the direction with his bad eye to the outside, and it was the best he did for me at a trot in either direction in the arena the since November when I first started working him. Maybe we still have hope for decent arena rides, after all.

My boyfriend helped with the feeding, and that was wonderful. We have 37 horses that I feed hay and water twice a week. He likes to do the watering.

The warming trend begins tomorrow, and they are predicting 40s next week!

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achieve1dream said...

Wow, nice that he likes watering! I hate watering lol! It's so boring and time consuming. :)

I'm glad the boys did well. It sounds like Cruiser is really improving.

It's supposed to warm up later this week for us too and I'm so excited. The cold is just getting unbearable. I'm ready for spring!