Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday Evening at the Barn

I started down the trail yesterday evening with Cruiser. I got down the hill to the first river crossing and it started. First there was a loud screech and then boom…boom…boom…screech. Well, Cruiser is half Arabian—he thought we were entering a warzone and he got very, very frightened. I got off, turned him around and led him back home.

We are close to the airport, and every now and then, Canadian geese congregate on the runways. They shoot something at them—sounds like loud fireworks—to get them off the runway. Usually, it is only a few shots, but not last night. I brought him back to the barn to let him unwind. He was petrified. I cleaned stalls as he settled down. When it seemed quiet, I took him back out. He hesitantly, yet bravely headed back into the park. Once he realized it was going to be quiet, he settled down and we had a nice ride.

When I got back, it was Cole time. I have been having inconsistent rides in the arena. Sometimes, he is fine. Sometimes, he is very speedy and feisty. Other times, I have troubles with him spooking and trying to take off. (This is the worst thing he does, but I always catch him before he gets far.) It has put me off from doing ring work with him. On the weekends, and sometimes if I have enough time before sunset, I have been taking him on the trail where he is more consistent. My hopes are that as his good behavior on the trail becomes a habit, he will transfer it into the arena.

Well, I think it is working. It has been nearly a week since I tried the arena, and he was considerably better! In fact, it was by far, our best arena ride, yet! We walked and trotted about, practiced transitions and turns and didn’t have a single spook. He got a little goofy towards the end of the ride, so I just started to review very simple things to settle him down and when he was listening, again, we quite for the night. What a relief. I have a long winter ahead where I will mainly be riding in the arena, so I am glad things are starting to work out.

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achieve1dream said...

That is really strange about the arena. It makes me realize that I really need to haul Chrome to our local riding club so he can play in a covered arena and get used to it.

I'm glad you've found a method that appears to be working. Keep up the good work. Hopefully he'll get it figured out before the miserable weather traps you in.