Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thunder the Brave

Thunder is the smartest and bravest cat. I am now thinking things will work out. I carried him down the stairs and placed him on the other side of a hall that I had blocked off. It contains 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. I used a fireplace screen as my blockade—braced with a couple of boxes. The dog was locked in another room with my dad watching TV.

After a couple minutes, he realized he was safe and in a couple of his favorite rooms. He walked around, ate some food and was quite comfortable.

I went to train the dog. We mastered down the day before, and now I added on stay. She caught on pretty quick. I peeked out across the living room to check on Thunder. He was on the other side of the screen, listening. I brought the dog out, and as far away as we could, we went through the routine. When she noticed Thunder, I changed what I was doing. When she looked at him, I said her name. When she looked at me, I clicked and treated. We lasted about 5 minutes.

I put her back with Dad, and went to talk to Thunder. He was so happy! He was rolling and stretching and purring. I got out one of his toys and we had a fine play session.

We had 2 more clicker sessions with dumb dog. Each time, we got closer. Finally, we were about 3 feet from the screen. I kept giving her treats for just sitting and behaving. Thunder just sat in the hall and watched with the most intelligent look on his face. He looked like a scientist studying a new form of life. He was so brave.

While she was locked up with Dad, I opened the screen. He did come out and walk around the living room and dining room. He finally got to explore the fireplace—since I removed the screen. He has wanted to do that for years.

When he decided to go upstairs, I got dumb dog out. I went to go talk to him upstairs and couldn’t find him! I called him and here he came up the stairs! He went down by himself! The dog was wandering about, too, so I don’t know if he came up because of me or her.

Anyway, this morning after breakfast, I heard him jump off the stairs, he walked into the dining room, meowed and I went to see him. The dog ran over to him, and he ran up the stairs. I hollered at her, and she came back to me. Thund didn’t seem panicked this time and dumb dog didn’t seem like she was chasing—just wanting to see him.

I will keep working with them like this. I need to get dumb dog as obedient as possible. She is learning fast. if things work out, I will start to call her Maggie.

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achieve1dream said...

I think Maggie sounds very smart. :) I really do think she'll learn in no time to leave the kitty alone. And I'm not worried about Thunder at all. He sounds like such a brave and well adjusted cat. Animals are good at adapting. Think about long cats have been around. They have to be the most adaptive, surviving animals out there. :) I'm glad your work with Maggie is going well and she's picking things up quick. At least you didn't end up with a truly "dumb" dog. :) I can't wait to hear the next update and to see pictures.