Monday, October 18, 2010

New dog

Well, we got our new dog. She is adorable. Dad loves her. She loves Dad, and Thunder is petrified. She chased him, and now he won’t come downstairs. I brought all his furniture, food and litterboxes into my bedroom. I opened up the other bedroom up there, too. I am so upset becaseu he is upset. I wish we never got devil dog. The stairs are blocked so she can’t get up them.

She is about 30 pounds, black and white and is supposed to be a Border Collie mix that likes cats. Yeah, right. I’m ready to turn her loose for the coyotes.

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achieve1dream said...

Awww give the poor girl a chance. You can't be mad at her for doing what is her instinct. It's not her fault no one taught her not to chase cats and if she is a Border Collie mix then herding is something that is strongly stamped onto her genes. I'm not taking sides here lol, I just don't want you to hate the new dog. Things are never as bad as they seem at first (or so I'm having to tell myself).

I'm glad Thunder has a refuge upstairs. Maybe after he's had some time to adjust he can come down to the gate and give her a nice slap in the face. Most of the time the cat is the best teacher. :) Good luck!