Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Ride Sunday

After 2 less than great trail rides on Friday and Saturday, Cole redeemed himself on Sunday when we took him back up to the show ring area.

Friday and Saturday, he was questioning me as to why he had to go at the gait I wanted to go. When I trotted, he wanted to canter. When I walked, he wanted to trot. We worked through it all, but it was work--not fun.

Sunday, though, he was wonderful. We went with my sister on Ranger, kept the ride at a walk the whole time and that's what he did--he walked. He didn't spook when a dozen motorcycles passed us, he went calmly up the steep hill, and he did better when I led him down the steep hill. Even though the park was chaotic and we rode into the busy area, he acted like he did it his whole life.

Next weekend, I have a 4-day weekend with lots of riding planned!

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achieve1dream said...

Sometimes I think horses like Cole do better in busier areas because there is so much to take in. He sounds like the type to get bored easily. I'm glad it went so well. :)