Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I think I don't like dogs.

Things have improved slightly with the dog situation at my house. First off, we had a couple good training sessions. She will now lay down when I point to the ground. (We skipped right over “sit.” She kept laying down and I figured that was good enough for me.) I am now trying to install a voice command. Tonight, we will do that and work on “stay.” I realize I must get her listening if I ever expect her to behave around Thunder.

Thunder, of course, is still hiding out upstairs. We have circular stairs. I have them blocked so the dog can’t get up them. I did notice last night, when he heard the dog moving around, instead of climbing up the windowsill—the highest point in the house, he walked to the edge of the stairs and looked down at her. I think that is a good sign. Also, I put treats on the top 2 steps before I went to bed, and he ate some of them. I’m hoping that if he gets comfortable sitting on the steps, he could watch the dog from there.

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achieve1dream said...

When I read the last post I was hoping to hear this (well about Thunder). I figured he would adjust quickly to the dog when he realized he was safe from her.

I'm glad she's listening and I hope you grow to like her over time. When I first got Aslan I felt the same way because I really didn't want him, but my husband did, so I gave in. At times I wish I hadn't but he's a good dog. I wouldn't give him away now. :)