Thursday, September 30, 2010

House Cat Tip of the Month

House Cat Tip of the Month

Here is a tip that I thought everyone knew, until I was out with my girlfriend and she was telling me about her new kitty. She didn’t realize that if a cat sticks his tail straight up in the air and walks away, he wants you to follow him.

Follow is a great game to play with cats. I play it at least once a day with Thunder, and sometimes, depending on his mood, we play many times. I follow him and pet him as we go. He likes to show me whatever is on his mind. If he had spent the afternoon looking out a particular window, he takes me there. I remember when the robins built a nest in the bathroom window. He was constantly taking me there to show me the birds.

He likes me to open doors for him, so he will ask me to follow him to a door, than he will put his paw on it to tell me to open it. He then wants me to go into the room with him and explore it—often bursting into a run.

Sometimes, he just wants me to follow him until he falls over on his side and wants me to pet him. Of course, if he is hungry, he will bring me to his food.

Not all cats do the tail thing. Our Siamese cats didn’t seem to do it. If you have the kind of cat who does, follow him and see where he takes you. You may learn something you didn’t know, and your cat will love the attention.

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