Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evening Ride

It was a challenging ride on Cole, yesterday evening, but all went well just the same. It was a first in 2 ways. I had never taken him on the trail in the evening, and I had never taken him without my sister either on foot or on her horse. I was alone. He was goofy as I led him down the hill to the river. I should have ridden, I think he would have been better. Before crossing the river, he did some sort of dance, but crossed anyways. Later, he did have one spook and tried to turn home. I circled him around, but he insisted it was too scary and he had to go home. I circled him again, and away we went. He tries things, but he isn’t a fighter. He gives up as long as I am firm with him.

We did a lot of trotting. In the beginning, I only let him go about a hundred feet, and then we would come back to a walk. A couple times early on, he tried to surge faster on the transitions, and I had to patiently correct him. He started to understand and simply trotted when I asked him to. We got to a spot that where we had plenty of trail, and I let him trot a long distance. He really did well with that.

At the end of that stretch, I heard my boyfriend’s voice. He was up the trail on his horse, talking to someone. We waited for him and we rode home together. Cole was a bit in a hurry, and I had to correct him several times when he tried to trot.

Overall, it was a good ride considering the circumstances. I have noticed that my horses are always more hyper on evening rides than morning rides. There is a first for everything, and I figured I would just get it over with.

Cruiser’s hives were pretty bad. I hope they get better, soon. I really want to ride him this weekend.

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achieve1dream said...

Silly Cole. I'm glad he was a good boy for the most part. :) I love horses like him. I wish I knew something that you could do for Cruiser but I haven't personally ever dealt with it . . . so nada.