Friday, September 3, 2010


Here in Cleveland, Labor Day Weekend means the Air Show. The Air Show means the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels means hold your horses tight.

Yes, even though we board our horses close to the airport, the fighter jets will still scare them. I know a number of people who have hit the ground thanks to the jets. They come so low, you can feel the ground vibrate.

I know Cruiser and Ranger can tolerate them, somewhat, but I have no idea how Cole will react. Well I'll find out, soon.

Even when there is no air show, we still get the jets whenever the president comes for a visit. And guess what is happening on Wednesday--he will be here for a visit. They tend to go right over our barn. Once, I was outside by my car, so see one so low that I could almost see into the windows. If I could, I would have seen VP Cheney. Yes, we even have jets for VPs.

So, all you Clevelanders out there. Hang on to your horses, and remember--they usually come in pairs. Once one goes by, another one will be there, shortly!

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achieve1dream said...

LOL I actually miss living near an air force base, although they never flew that low over my place. Now when I hear a plane or jet I look around like 'what is that?' lol. Back home I used to hear them five or six times a day. Where I live now I see a plane in the sky about once a month. :) I hope Cole does okay with them.