Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Dog in our Future?

Dad went to the cancer doctor, today, for his check up. He checked out fine, and the doctor told him he should get a dog. So, now that he knows he will live a while longer, he made the decision. He wants a dog.

We will start looking, but I sure wouldn’t mind not having a dog over the winter. I am the one that does the dog walking in the dark and in the snow. We shall see how it goes. He wants one as much like our last dog, Pollie, as possible. We will never find a dog that good, and he knows it. He just wants someone to keep him company, and though Thunder is trying his best, my dad is a dog person.

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achieve1dream said...

I know how you feel about winter. It sometimes really sucks having pets in the winter, but I still love them. Keep us updated on the dog shopping. :)