Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday night ride

Cole and I had a better than normal arena ride, yesterday. Finally, some improvement! There was a lot of factors on my side. First, it was hot. Second, I was able to turn him out to play, first. I have been having trouble with the turning out. He doesn’t like it, and pushes, paws and rears at the gate to get out. This time, I stayed in the pen with him and encouraged him to run about. Although he stopped at the gate, a lot, he didn’t show any signs of trying to get out. I’m starting to think that Cole gets separation anxiety—from me leaving him.

The next thing that was on my side, and this is a big one, it was quiet around the barn. The horses that had been turned out alongside the arena weren’t. He couldn’t see them walking past the windows, and they weren’t’ making any unexpected noises.

He didn’t spook a single time. He walked and trotted on request and listened most of the time. We were able to practice our turns, circles and transitions. I was so glad to have a good ride in there. This is his second within a week. Maybe winter, when we can’t get on the trail, won’t be so bad, after all.

I took Cruiser on a trail ride for about an hour. He was great, of course. I was surprised how sweaty he got, and had to sponge him off when we got back. He has quite a bit of winter coat, already. So does Ranger. Cole hasn’t gotten much coat, yet. I bet he will be cute when he is shaggy.

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achieve1dream said...

I'm glad the ride went well!! I wouldn't worry too much about how your winter arena rides will be. Once you can't go on the trail anymore and arena riding is all your doing I have a feeling he'll settle down into it. :) If I had a choice between arena and trail I'd be sour inside too hehe.