Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update

I know that everyone ahs been sitting on the edge of their seats—waiting to here about our exciting adventures over the weekend. Sorry, there weren’t any. Dante is a boring horse.

Friday found me still riding on the hill to the river, over and over, because the river was too high. Cole was good, and we trotted up 3 times without a problem at all. I think the hill is conquered at the trot. Time to start working on the canter.

Saturday, we determined that we could cross with Ranger and Cole. Dante was to remain on the hill. First, Ellen worked him in the arena for a half hour. I led Cruiser around while she was working. It was a good way to introduce sharing the arena with another horse. Cruiser likes the company. Dante had his best arena ride, yet. He trotted with more energy than I’ve ever seen—until I took Cruiser out—then he didn’t want to work anymore.

We then headed down the hill. I walked with Ellen. They practiced their halts, and he was doing well. It was his best day on the hill, too. I think my training session with him must have helped.

We then took Cole and Ranger out on an easy ride. It appears he has recovered from his stone bruise. What a relief. We were worried it was really something worse.

Sunday, I got to ride Ranger and Ellen rode Dante on the trail. Dante was only really bad shortly after we crossed the river where the bridle trail is close to the bike trail. There were a bunch of bikes, and he took off at a trot. Ellen couldn’t get him to walk at all. Then she remembered the “Whoa” training. It worked. He came down to a halt. Why is it, whenever one of my horses bolt—they gallop? He didn’t even trot fast!

After that, it was a very boring ride.

That changed on my second ride. Kevin and Starry joined me on Cole. They were both feeling good, and we did a lot of trotting and some cantering. At one point, we were going to canter, and Starry did, but before I could ask Cole, he went into his awesome extended trot. I wish I could see it. The beat slows down and the strides increase. It is very easy to post to—and we were flying—until we came around the corner and saw 3 horses. We know them well, and they don’t even trot, let alone canter. You should have seen the look on their faces as we rounded the corner. We quickly brought our horses down to a walk.

I said, “You didn’t think we’d could stop, did you?” No answer.

I then said, “When you ride like that, you have to be able to stop.” That got a half smile from them.

We rode about a half hour, turned around and walked home to cool them off. We met Ellen on foot, and she walked with us. It was a fun ride.

This week is supposed to be very, very uncomfortable hot. We will have to moderate our rides because of it.

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