Friday, July 19, 2013

Dante on trail

Ellen took Dante out on a trail ride this morning--without me.  Without anyone.  I am no longer needed.  Dante was very excited in the beginning, but calmed down, and did terrific at the end.  He only spooked once--when he saw a sheepdog.

The weather this weekend looks questionable.  Rain is on it's way.  If the weather gods are kind to us, we will get him out on the trail both days.  If not, we will make the best of it.

My niece and I are getting cukes, peppers and tomatoes from the garden.  The rabbit ate the beans, but I don't think I will miss them much.  He left the limas alone, so maybe they will make it.  The electric fence is as low as it can go, and I can't believe it is getting in, but it is--I've seen it.

Still no sign of squash borers.  The stuff I am putting on them seems to be working.  Maybe I will get some zukes this year.

The weather has been so hot!!!  I don't have air conditioning, so Thunder and Maggie have been very quiet.  Thunder doesn't want to cuddle, but Maggie still does.  It's way too hot for cuddly dogs!

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Camryn said...

Never thought of hot wire for the veggie garden!!! Going to try that for next year!!! To late for this year.