Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thunder my buddy

Looking forward to relaxing with my little friend, Thunder, this weekend, as I have 4 days and no big plans other than riding. He has been surprisingly cuddly all week, even though the weather has been warm. He just purrs and purrs.

Lately, he has also been particularly rough with Maggie, aka Dumb Dog. Maggie has been interrupting his window hunting, and it has been aggravating him. Good thing she has long hair, as he has been chasing her and trying to grab her rump with his claws. She has been very good with him for months, now, but he hasn’t let up on trying to keep her in her place. Sometimes he is gentle and will sniff her face and paws. Maggie just freezes—afraid to move. I tell her she is good. She is three times his size. He thinks she smells…

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