Thursday, July 25, 2013

Perfect Night for a Ride

Perfect Night for a Ride

I had a really nice ride with my older niece last night. the weather was cooler and there were hardly any bugs for a change. Ranger was feeling his oats—all bouncy and Rangerish. Still, he didn’t intimidate my niece—she just quietly dealt with his silliness. Once we got down the hill and across the river, we did a lot of trotting. Since he was feeling so good, he went a little faster for her, and she was able to work on perfecting her posting.

Cole Train was nearly perfect—even when the bikes came barreling down the trail. He didn’t’ like a particular group of joggers, and they upset him long before they caught up with us and well past us. I’m not sure what that was about. He wasn’t afraid—more like he wanted to race them. (If my niece wasn’t there, we may have been tempted to trot after them.)

When we got back, I let Cole out to roll and play. He went crazy, as usual—much airs above the ground and some serious speed. We brought him in to settle down and then put Dante out. It was like going to see a professional fireworks display, watching the grand finale, and then on the way back to the car, you see some backyard fireworks shooting off. Well, Dante is the backyard fireworks. He did a little buck and trotted off to eat some grass. He is such a mellow horse—just perfect for my sister.

She rode him this morning in the arena, and then led him down the hill to the river and back. He did so well, she turned him around to do it again. He had a little tantrum—since he thought he was going home, but then he was all right. Since he was so good, I’m thinking she will ride him across the river, tomorrow. We definitely will on Saturday, but it is supposed to rain pretty hard—we aren’t getting our hopes up for Sunday, sigh…

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achieve1dream said...

Do your nieces belong to Ellen or do you have other siblings?