Thursday, July 18, 2013

Starry was Bad

Starry was Bad

Starry, my boyfriend Kevin’s horse, hates bugs. He is typically a quiet, docile horse that has a wonderful trot and canter, but wants to walk at the speed of a snail—as long as there isn’t any bugs around. Let there be one single bug, and he is in a big hurry, kicking his belly and misbehaving. If there is a lot of bugs, look out.

It has been really hot in Ohio, and with all the rain we have had, there are a lot of bugs out there. Kevin and I decided to go in the “not as pretty but less buggy direction.” I’m glad we went that way instead of the worse way, because Starry was horrible.

He trotted down much of the hill leading to the river. Cole Train listened to me and walked. We caught up when we got to the flat areas. Starry trotted over the very stony section of trail. Once again, Cole listened to me. He doesn’t like stones, so it wasn’t too hard to keep him at a walk. we went up a hill and then Starry trotted down the other side. Now, Cole was losing his patience and tried trotting down to catch up. That was a touch situation. We trotted over a flat section to the river.

Starry crossed pretty fast, but Cole wanted to play in the water and got left behind. Once we made it to the other side, we realize that Starry was no where in sight. We managed to catch up at the street. At that point, most of the trail is in good shape, and we did some good, fast trotting. It was fun. When we got to our turnaround spot, Starry was much settled down, and he was happy to follow Cole home at a relaxed walk.

The horses were cool when we got home, but they appreciated us sponging the dried sweat off.

I hope Starry is better next time.

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