Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Update

The weather frustrated us—again. I had a 4-day weekend, and the river was too high to cross Dante and Cruise on Thursday. we took them down there, but when we saw the river, we turned around and did the hill a few times.

Ellen worked on Friday, so I went to the barn alone. I led Cruiser down the to the river and it was too high for him to cross—as I expected, but I could cross with Cole. When I got back, Kevin was there. We rode down—only to discover the river had gone up—too high for Cole. I did the hill with him—trotting it 3 times and walking once. At least he got a good workout.

Saturday, the river was low enough for Ranger and Cole, so we went on an easy ride on the other side. When we got back, Ellen rode Dante in the arena and then down the hill. She did the hill twice with a lot of trotting on the bottom. it was his best day, yet.

Sunday, my younger niece came out to ride. She rode Ranger, Ellen rode Dante, Kevin was on Starry and I rode Cole. The river was a little high, but Dante went right in. We had a short (about an hour) and very, very successful ride. Finally! Looks like the rain will be easing up this weekend, so we are looking forward to good riding next weekend.

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