Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We did indeed have tuna fish for dinner last night, and Thunder was very happy. (I also had 3 ears of corn. Mmmm…)

It was rather chilly in the evening, so when I was done with all my chores and my phone calls, it was time to read a book and cuddle. I think it just became a habit since I kept the furnace set at 59 degrees this winter. He has turned into a very cuddly cat this year, but with his long coat, he will only cuddle on chilly days.

We ended up falling asleep, but as usual, the dog barked and woke us up, so I brought Thunder up to bed.

He is laying on his beat up old box that is alongside the windowsill by his tower.  When the sun doesn't reach the top of the tower, he likes to sleep here.

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